Crib Bumpers or Rail Guards?

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Decorating a nursery for your baby is one of the first things a new mom starts dreaming about when we find out we are expecting. There are many things to consider when purchasing your bedding including whether or not to use bumpers on your crib.

Goverment of Canada issued this about bumpers:
"when used correctly, bumper pads should not protect infants from bumping against the sides of a crib or from having limbs become entrapped between the slats of the crib. This is because bumper pads are supposed to be removed from the crib by the time that the infant is able to roll over and sit up unaided (a development milestone normally reached between 4 and 8 months of age), which represents the same time frame in which it is expected that the infant would be able to move over and approach the side of the crib."


Crib bumpers are not recommended by the American Pediatric Society. Read the information provided by First Candle and the American Pediatric Society on the issue of bumper safety. 

If after reading all available information you make the decision that you do want bumpers in the crib then ensure that you tie them on the crib securely.  Understand that they are to be used at your own risk.

The ties should not be attached to the outside or sewn under bias tape at the seam. Those ties risk being pulled off when your baby is older and is exploring the crib.

If you have purchased the very popular “convertible crib”, it likely has a solid back wood headboard. If your bumper cannot be tied at every interval, meaning every tie completed, you should not put the bumpers in the crib. A bumper with a loose middle (not tied) is also a risk for baby getting entangled in the bumper.

Crib bumpers are often used more as a decorative piece then a necessary part of a bedding set.  It is becoming more popular to go without a crib bumper or to use a rail guard instead of a bumper.  

The rail guard goes over the top rail of the crib and prevents it from getting marked up from teething or long term wear.  With the growing popularity of the “convertible crib” which uses the front and the back of the crib for the headboard and the foot board for a double bed, the rail guard is becoming a 'must-have' part of crib bedding.  The rail guard is also a great alternative to get the look of a bumper without the safety concerns.  

This is the Giggle Six Baby 'Blue Plaid' rail guard -

The alternative to bumpers is the rail cover, also known as a rail teething cover, as shown below.


All Giggle Six Baby bedding sets can be made with a rail guard instead of a bumper pad.  You can email me at and just let me know what set you like and how many sides to the rail guard that you need and I can add the option to the listing for you.

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