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Add Batting and Top-stitching to Blanket


This batting can be added to a made to order blanket. It is 100% natural organic bamboo batting. 

Batting is a thin dense quilting batting so it will add a bit of thickness to your blanket but not make it 'puffy'.  Please see second image for comparison in thickness.  Because it is a dense batting it does add a good amount of warmth to the blanket.

This batting can be used in 29" x 39" blankets or 34" x 49" and 39" x 54" blankets. Custom sizes available.

With batting includes top-stitching in a criss cross across the entire top of the blanket.  The ensures the batting will stay in place through multiple washing.

Please message me if you are unsure if the blanket that you are ordering is able to have the batting added.

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