As we start a new year, there is nothing more fun than trying to predict the nursery design trends that we can expect to see in the months ahead. When it came to nursery design in 2021 it was all about boho and watercolor florals. 

But what's ahead in 2022? From new color palettes to unique themes, if your goal is to create your dream nursery this is the perfect place to get inspired.

Top 5 Nursery Trends are predicting for 2022:

1. Neutrals and Gender Neutral

Not sure whether you’re having a boy or a girl? This theme continues to be popular as parents choose not to find out the sex of the baby until birth.

Some popular gender neutral colors include grays, browns, and other neutral colors like yellow or green. We are definitely starting to see more gender neutral sets with a boho theme that are muted tones in a variety of colors.  This is a great example of a boho gender neutral set.

One advantage of this theme is that the same nursery and room can be used for another baby without any changes. 

Gender neutral themes don’t have to be plain.  You can choose almost any theme and do it in gender neutral colors.


2. Travel 

What better way to bring the wonders of the world to your baby than a travel themed nursery!  This theme is taking off with all of us dreaming of travelling again. 

Travel themed nurseries can be have quite a neutral palette or be bright and fun, making it a very popular option for many parents to be.  A great example of a travel nursery is this hot air balloon theme.  


3. Watercolor Floral 

This trend started in other home décor before it came to baby girl bedding, but watercolor floral nurseries was one of the most popular themes of 2021, and we think this trend will continue well into 2022.  

There are so many ways to incorporate this theme into your baby’s nursery. You can start with a floral color theme and work off it for artwork, crib furniture, books and window treatments. Then, accompany the water color theme with bedding or water color sheets for the baby's crib.  


4. Jungle and Safari

One of the best things about Jungle and Safari theme nurseries is that they are timeless.  Typically, this theme features greens and browns, but a modern safari and jungle nursery often includes pinks, corals, blues and black. The theme can be understated or take over the whole room. 

Jungle and safari nurseries can grow with your child or are easily transferred from one baby to the next.  


4. Woodlands

Much like watercolor nurseries the woodlands trend continues to be strong as we head into 2022.  Most often for boy nurseries since the most common colors for woodlands nurseries are greens, blues, grays and black.  There are some adorable nurseries in woodland girl themes as well, which generally include coral, pinks, greens and gray.  

Woodland theme nurseries often use deer, bears, and other woodland creatures. Many also have mountains as their main theme or as a compliment to the woodland animals.  It is very common in a woodland theme to mix and match animals and other forest themed items. Often paired with natural wood, shiplap, and other naturally themed details, the forest or woodland theme is adorable for a nursery.


Whatever theme you decide on for your baby’s nursery, it will be perfect because it was chosen with love. 

Inspired to start planning your 2022 baby nursery? You can find everything you need as far as bedding at Giggle Six Baby. We would love to help you pick out your items and create the perfect themed nursery for your child.