Top Crib Bedding Sets 2021!

It is that time of year again to look back and see what were the top trends of 2021.  Here are the best of the best from this past year.

#1 Garden Floral - This bedding set blew the rest out of the water!  With its bold colors and watercolor floral design it is clear why it is the winner.  Add a pop of color to your baby girl's nursery with this beautiful bedding set.



#2  Purple Watercolor Floral - It is not hard to see why this beautiful and bright floral is in second place this year.    

#3 Boho Hunter Green and Rust - This one is my personal favorite!  Many customers purchased this set as is but I did get a lot of custom requests based off of it as well. 
#4 Green Buck and Black Plaid Woodlands - Woodlands crib bedding sets were still very very popular this year.  The plaid mixed with the woodlands theme is a definite favorite. 
A few honorable mentions are the Vintage Wildflower Floral  and the Navy Vintage Fishing  sets.  
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